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JULY 2020

The Best Australian Sea Stories
Jim Haynes 2012

Australia's history and national character have been defined by the fact that we live on an isolated island continent girt by sea. The Best Australian Sea Stories is full of fascinating history, drama, and surprise. These stories trace the maritime history of Australia from the earliest times to today. From first-hand accounts of voyages from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to modern accounts of refugee 'boat people', the book is a dazzling compendium of the famous and obscure, the brave and the jinxed, human achievement and tragedy. From the mystery of the mahogany ship and the Dieppe map, to the poignancy of Matthew Flinders' wife waiting nine years while he charted the coast of the land he named 'Australia', the voyage of Sam Clemens (aka ….. …?) to Sydney, the muscular integrity of the Tampa crew, and the courageous interventions of the early pilots of Port Phillip Bay this book is so full that you have to wonder when Australian filmmakers and television producers or even Netflix are going to catch on to the amazing stories of bravery and endeavour, war and salvation that occurred on the edges of this isolated island continent girt by sea.


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August 20

Shackleton's Boat
Harding McGregor Dunnett

September 20

Hemingway's Boat
Paul Hendrickson

October 20

Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany
Julian Stockwin

November 20

The North Water
Ian McGuire

December 20

Two Years Before the Mast
Richard Dana

January 21

Sailing Alone Around the World
Joshua Slocum

“Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm”