They dressed up as gangters, mexicans and more on Sunday to celebrate the season opening for 2014  
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Heavy !

October 13, 2014
The weather on Sunday made it ideal for just about anything - especially out on the water. Here's a fishing story with extra gravity attached !   
Gravity 1

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Getting Set

October 12, 2014
  With only a week to go many hands made light work of the cleanup around the Island on Saturday in preparation for Opening Day. Gardens were trimmed and kitchens cleaned. A big thanks to those who attended.  

Summer Terror Start

October 10, 2014
  In ideal conditions the first series of Summer Terrors commenced on Thursday afternoon and was well attended.
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Presentation Day Lunch 2014

October 08, 2014
Last Sunday was a busy one for the yachties with the running of the first event in the summer season plus the annual Presenation Lunch. Mike fills us in on the day.   
Prez Day 2014_a
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There's ya Problem

October 06, 2014
Yesterday we set the scene for a spectacular rescue climb by Mick on Sunday. But now Greg's supplied the shot that really shows us what was giving all that trouble way up there !
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Showing them How

October 06, 2014
The end of the race yesterday meant a climb for a few and in the end success !    

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Grand Final Fun

October 01, 2014
Grandfinal 2014
    As usual, a crowd of club members and friends got together on Grand Final Day to celebrate the occassion.
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Once in a Lifetime

September 30, 2014
James and Suzanne headed to Sydney recently and took a once in a lifetime sail aboard an America's Cup entrant. James fills us in on the details of their adventure.
Spirit 6

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Time to Get Ready

September 26, 2014
  Its the premier event on our Club calendar and so it's time to get ready for the Sail Past  
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Black Rock Cruising

September 24, 2014
 Keeping an eye on the weather for an upcoming cruise is a full time job. The cruise to Black Rock on Tuesday was rescheduled at the last minute due to weather but it was worth it as Paul outlines.
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