SYC Open Day

Des & Carol

  Spotted at SYC Opening Day on Saturday were our Commodore Des and Carol, the Commodore from Carrum. With the sail past cancelled due to strong winds, official guests spent the afternoon aboard several luxury cruisers.    

Our First Adventure

September 30, 2015
New member Greg has been stretching his legs and recently took a trip with his family to Docklands. Here's his outline of the trip plus some shots.   

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Taking it Easy

September 28, 2015
A week or so back, Paul wrote an article about the Beauie Cliffs and what a great location it is to spend some time. Looks like Liz and Terance were paying attention. They were spotted there on Saturday taking it easy in the sun for a few hours.

Colorful Surface

September 27, 2015
Surface b

The final touches to the concreting works were carried out on Saturday, taking the project one step closer to it's completion.
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September 26, 2015
In perfect weather conditions, the concreting work went ahead on Friday. Paul gives us a blow by blow and adds a few other bits and pieces from the day.  
Concrete b
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Almost There

September 22, 2015

Work on the new entertainment area at the Club is nearing completion. Weather permitting, concrete paths will be laid this week while finishing touches to the enclosed area are almost finished.

New shots added from Tuesday

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Lyndon Says Hello

September 21, 2015
Club member Lyndon is away at the moment and he's dropped us all a line and sent through some happy snaps as well.   

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A Great Place to Hide

September 14, 2015
With the warm weather finally here, it's time to get out on the water. Paul has written in with a good tip.    
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Update on the Renovations

September 14, 2015
  A few photos and some details on the continued progress on the renovations to the front of the Club Rooms.
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Frankston Y C Rebuild

September 10, 2015
Frankston 1
    There's major works happening at Frankston Yacht Club as well as our own. Here's some interesting stats that a member has provided.
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Wheely Back In Business

September 09, 2015
Some issues with the slipway were soon sorted by Commodore Des and offsider Peter over the past week.  
Wheely 1
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Last Winter Race 2015

September 08, 2015
Last Winte-T
  Peter brings us the details and a number of photos from the last winter race of the season held last Sunday.
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