MMYC Member to the Rescue

May 21, 2016
Nigel rescue

This shot supplied with the title "MMYC Member to the Rescue". The story has been all over the news and so to get some details on it won't be hard. Or you could ask the man himself!

Well done to Nigel and thanks to Wayne for the shot.

Insurance needed for Slipway use

May 01, 2016

MMYC Announcement Regarding Slipping Arrangements

MMYC General Committee have resolved that no vessel will be permitted the use of the Club’s slipping facilities from April 1 2016 without prior provision of a Certificate of Currency of insurance for at least $10 million third party property. This policy simply brings MMYC into line with almost universal requirements for slipways everywhere.

In light of recent instances at other locations of damage and fires resulting from people working on boats, any risk assessment would highlight the potential for damage or even destruction of MMYC infrastructure. There are also concerns that other vessels may be at risk, particularly when cradles are in the water.  

If your vessel is booked to be slipped after the end of this March, please email or provide a copy of your Certificate of Currency to MMYC prior to that date. If not received, any bookings without current insurance will regrettably be cancelled.

In future, the Certificate of Currency will need to be provided in conjunction with any slipway booking request/confirmation.

MMYC obviously appreciates that some boats have difficulty obtaining insurance, but regret that in the interest of all members of MMYC, slipping facilities will not be available without insurance in place after the end of March 2016.

Sutton Lounge Furniture

May 01, 2016

The Sutton Lounge furniture has now arrived.

Grand Opening function to be announced soon.

Sutton Lounge-Furniture-1

Family Boat Trip

April 30, 2016
Ever since we bought "Sunday Antics" a year ago, we had planned to have a family sailing holiday on the Gippsland Lakes.  
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Cruising The Lakes

April 20, 2016
     Autumn in Victoria provides us with some of the best weather of the year.  Last week was no exception for our cruising trip on the Gippsland Lakes.
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April 18, 2016

  This shot was just posted by Bob on Facebook with the words; "Burst hose fitting - Ouch"!  That's unfortunate and we hope that he can get things dried out without there being too much lasting damage.