Peddle Power

Other than the obvious activities held on water and to do with boats, MMYC also has a cycling group that meet regularly. Paul oulines a few details.  
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Swapping Boats

July 29, 2014
Looking like the cat who ate the cream, John Long stands aboard his latest purchase.    
New Boat

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Yarra Valley Wine Tour

July 28, 2014
Winery Tour_1

A group of around 20 MMYC members and friends set off on a tour through the Yarra Valley on Saturday for an enjoyable and enformative day.
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Welcome Visitor

July 25, 2014
Always a welcome visitor to Mordialloc Creek is the dredge. This week it's been working in the creek entrance and surrounds making sure that the channel is kept open after the recent wild weather.



Dredge-July 2014

Color Test

July 24, 2014
Paint Trial


 Whilst returning from a delightful twilight cruise in this recent and much awaited calm patch, a Gentleman was noticed slopping paint on the front of the Clubhouse.
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Winter Comp Race 5

July 23, 2014
After having to miss some events of late, the weather finally gave a number of skippers a chance to get out and participate.  
Race 5 2014
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Working Bee - Part 1

July 22, 2014
W Bee_a1
  A mid winter working-bee was conducted last Saturday with over 40 members attending. Although the list of tasks was quite long, the removal of debris from the deck and grounds took up most of the time and there's still some yet to dispose of. Another working bee will be scheduled soon to finish the remianing jobs.  
W Bee_a2

Inspection Made

July 21, 2014
Inspection Made

   Minister for Ports David Hodgett visited Mordialloc Creek last week with Member for Mordialloc Lorraine Wreford to inspect the state of the current wave baffles.
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Great River Life

July 18, 2014
On a recent trip to MIldura, Ian met a couple who seem to have got it all sorted out - living on their river boat.



Shay 2

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Hot Stuff in Strife

July 06, 2014

  Just short of the start time, someone on the Island received a call to say that Hot Stuff was up on the beach south of the jetty and so several of us headed off quickly to see if we could do anything to help.    

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Post Card

July 04, 2014


The Olgas, the Longs and 10,000 flies!!

John and son have sent a postcard home from their trip to the NT.

Link to Tack Tracker

July 02, 2014
  With TackTracker now in use on most MMYC events, a link to the results has been placed on the right hand side column of this page for easy access.