News for November 2009

Longbeach Challenge 2009

November 30, 2009

    Set against a backdrop of dark skies and rain squalls, the 2009 Longbeach Challenge was held on Sunday.
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Twilight Time

November 27, 2009

"Then with luck on our side the wind freshened from the east and the threat of thunderstorms dissipated."

Mike fills us in on the latest Michael Oakley Twilght event.

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November 24, 2009

 With only a few days until the running of the Longbeach Challenge Competition crews have been spotted getting ready for the event.

A meeting outlining the days proceedings for skippers of participating vessels and other interested parties will be held Sunday @ 9:30

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Hard @ Work

November 21, 2009

If you've been in or out of the creek lately you've no doubt had to negotiate your way past the dredge which has been hard at work for most of the week. On Saturday the work was taking place a short distance inside the entrance, creating short traffic jams for those boats on the move. It can be said without doubt that we're all looking forward to "bump-free" use of the entrance from now on.

A chart has been received during the week showing the depth of water since the dredging.


Twight Race 4

November 21, 2009
  The Twight Series continued Thursday evening and Mike gives us a rundown of the event.
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Paper Heroes

November 17, 2009
A story featuring Hans and his mate Nugget appeared in the Herald Sun a week or so back. If you didn't catch it at the time take a look here.  

Go Sailing

November 16, 2009
  With four yatching events now having been held, Events Coordinator Mike Montgomery invites all members to get involved in this year's competition.
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Happy Fisherman

November 16, 2009

  Sunday - and about lunchtime John arrived back on the Island pretty pleased with himself.
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Sunday Fun

November 11, 2009

For some it was just a great way to cool off.

For others it was a reward after a lot of work.

Photos and details from the weekend.

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Kites and Trapeze

November 09, 2009
  For many crews last Sunday it was a day for Kites - for hanging over the side or using the trapeze, as the offshore winds created exciting racing conditions.
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Rock N Roll

November 09, 2009
It was bobby sox and slicked back hair all round on Saturday night for the MMYC Rock n Roll night as over 50 members and friends danced to the great sounds of "Framework".    
R&R Title

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If ya want my Opinion !

November 08, 2009
  Well there was a lot going on at the club over the weekend with social events, racing and general boating in the great weather. Over the next few days we'll cover most things here - but one of the more interesting shots I got was of the "committee" on Sunday morning, gathered to give Bob a bit of advice as he prepared to strip an engine down for repairs. I'm sure he collected some great tips for the job !  

Kids Jackets

November 06, 2009


The Club is on the lookout for Kids jackets.

If you have a life jacket suitable for children that you no longer have any use for, Des would like to hear from you. With the recent increase in the number of children around the Island it's been decided that having some loan jackets available at the club would be a good idea. So get in touch with Des if you think you can help.

Cup Cruisin'

November 03, 2009

The Annual Cup Cruise for 2009 saw a number of boats head out for a couple of destinations around the Bay.

Photos also from the trip up to the Cup by David and Brian's boats.

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