News for May 2009

Des, David and a crew of MMYC'ers spent Saturday night up at Docklands for the 2nd annual Ignite@ Docklands. Judging from the photos - they had a pretty good time.

Jay Jay II


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Editor's Favorites

May 30, 2009


With the launch of the new site - comes the demise of the old. And along with that many photos taken over the past five years and appearing in articles on the old site will no longer be available. I decided to trawl back over the shots and select a number of them to present as Galleries. 


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May 29, 2009

Welcome to the new MMYC Web site.  Its been a while in the making but we hope that you'll find it's been worth the wait. Apart from many of the well used features from the old site, you'll find extra sections in areas such as ......

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May 25, 2009
Skeo Launch 1
   Look who's finally found a boat to call their own.  Steve and Sharyn are now the proud owners of a Seabita 20 named SKEO. 
Should we try to guess what SKEO can mean???
Skeo Launch 2

Across the Weekend

May 24, 2009

Two or three shots from the weekend - including this one
where Sun and Sea have taken their toll on a bow line

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Autumn Sunset

May 21, 2009
Autumn Sunset

On just about any evening following one of the calm autumn days we've had lately, you can head down to the creek, climb aboard your boat and set out to witness a brilliant sunset. And that's just what Peter and I both finished up doing mid week when we managed to wrap up at work just a little earlier than normal. Was really worth the effort.

Break Away

May 17, 2009
Wall fall 2
        As a result of a couple more days of strong Westerly Weather, half of the concrete facure along the west side of the Island finally broke away on Saturday. 
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A Light in the Dark

May 15, 2009

Following the recent boat break-ins and theft, a decision was made to improve
security lighting around the Island in various spots. 

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Top Stuff

May 12, 2009
If you've been into the main slipway building lately
you'll have noticed how organized it's all become.
Some benches have been purchased at a recent auction and Gary and Derek have located them into postition. 
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In contrast to a week earlier, the first event of this years Winter Competition was held in stunning weather.

Winter Comp 1 Bonito
Winter Comp 1 Davinci 2
Winter Comp 1 Jaymac
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