News for June 2009

Say Cheese cont...

June 29, 2009
Wine and Cheese June09 11
As promised, some snaps and details from the wine and Cheese night held last Friday
Wine and Cheese June09 6
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Rig for Repair

June 24, 2009



If you've spotted and unusually shaped vessel or lots of lights at night on the horizon to the South of late, it could be that you've seen the Oil Rig that's been taken to the Toll wharf near Geelong for repair. Des got in close earlier in the week and sent in this shot.
Red ensign

And Des has also found this interesting article on one of his favorite spots Powerboat World. As he mentioned in his Email, its an interesting piece about FLAGS


Exciting Debut

June 22, 2009
Three fishermen were rescued today in the water off Carrum by the skipper of a soon to be MMYC member.      
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Nearly Famous

June 21, 2009
   Remember Derek and Clive the famous Peter Cook and Dudley Moore characters from the 70's.  Well on Sunday it seemed like they'd made a return.
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Poker Face

June 21, 2009
Another great MMYC Winter Social Event the "Texas Hold 'em Poker Night" was held on Saturday. Check out these two poker faces and more......    
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Odd Jobs

June 20, 2009

Saturday's weather presented as pretty ordinary as far as boating was concerned and with a number of tasks around the club begging to be attacked, an impromptu Working Bee got under way. Derek and Paul cleaned the leaves from the Clubhouse roof. Des greased the slip trolly.

Head Scratcher

Then Derek, Paul and Graeme disassembled nearly the entire sliding door on the deck and rectified the leaking problem after much head scratching. A big thanks to all concerned for their effort. (Take care of that remaining hair though guys !)

Editors Favorites No4

June 19, 2009
Editors Favorites S-Z 9

- The fourth and final group of shots taken from the past five years -

Editors Favorites S-Z 19
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Warm Company

June 15, 2009
Smiling Girls

The first of our Soup & Film Nights was held on Sunday. Christine tells us all about it.

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June 14, 2009
It was a bit of a grey weekend, so not much activity out on the water.  A few boats ventured out on Sunday and I managed to get a nice shot of Mike and crew aboard Moonlighting about 5 mile out due West from home. If not much for sailing, it made a nice spectacle!    
Moonlighting in close


A Rare Specimen

June 11, 2009
On a run up to Black Rock last Saturday, John aboard Siobhan spotted a strange looking fish. You can read his letter to Fish Victoria and a range of comments from other fisherman by clicking on the Dolphin Fish below.  

Editors Favorites No3

June 10, 2009
Editors Favorites O-R 6
The third group of favorite shots taken over the last five years from the old Web site
Editors Favorites O-R 12
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The Rebirth of Cruising

June 09, 2009


There have been a number of cruises of late with small groups of members headed in different directions.

Following a cruise to SYC over this last weekend Jenny Holter puts together very informative report of the trip.  

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Editor's Favorites No2

June 05, 2009

The second group of shots chosen from the last five years.

Editors Favorites E-N 1
Editors Favorites E-N 7
Editors Favorites E-N 12
Editors Favorites E-N 5
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Lucky Escape

June 02, 2009

The operator of an excavator had a lucky escape on Monday when the machine toppled into the creek from the barge on which it was operating.  

Creek Accident 4

Barriers restrict creek traffic.

Excavator lifted.

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Pea Soup & Pies

June 01, 2009
Foggy conditions and warm Pies were the order of the day for the 2nd event of the Winter Competition.
Pea Soup 6
The Pier at 1PM
Pea Soup 11


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