News for July 2009

Keeping Fit

July 31, 2009
Apart from all the Marine and Social activities around the club, a group of members have formed a regular bike riding group over the past year or so with the title OBOBS (Old Blokes On Bikes)  As we've reported in the past, their journey's aren't always incident free and it's probably because of the crash a few months back that Hans now tags along on his motor driven bike complete with sidecar. Here's a shot of some OBOBS members (sorry Liz) taking a Coffee break at Rickett's Point.   

Post Card

July 30, 2009


A few weeks back we introdced you to the History section of the Kingston Council website where a number of old photos of Mordi Creek and surroundings could be found.

Picture Australia is another great source of historical photographs such as this postcard from the early 1900's.  There are many more to view here.

Trophy Time

July 27, 2009

It was a big day on the Island Sunday.

Scones with Jam & Cream for morning tea for our New Members, a table full of Trophies for the 2008-9 Presentation Lunch and a Soup and & Social evening to round it all off.

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July 24, 2009
Off the Rails


Off the Rails 2


Friday -  An anonymous SMS turns up with a few photos and the word Oooops !

May be best to ask around for the real story -

But it could turn out to be the result of a "too many cooks" type situation ?!



July 24, 2009


Des has found another interesting article published on Powerboat World about the saving of a neighbour of ours, HMVS Cerberus up at Half Moon Bay. You can check out the details here

Polly's new Home

July 21, 2009
Melbourne's Tall Ship the Polly Woodside has a new home. Currently her new Dry Dock has been pumped dry in preparation for work on the hull.
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On the Slip

July 20, 2009

As its right in the middle of winter quite a number of maintenance jobs have been undertaken over the past few weeks by members on their boats. The main slipway has a procession of vessels through it keeping Peter, Marcus and the various skippers busy.

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Workers Reward

July 18, 2009
The scheduled Working Bee on Saturday saw a whole list of tasks completed.   
July Working Bee 2
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Visual Aids to Safety

July 15, 2009

As part of the Safety Night last Tuesday, a video presentation produced by Marine Safety was screened but due to time restraints only part of the production was shown.

If you’d  like to see the remainder of the presentation, or you missed the night altogether, it’s available here on the Net via the Marine Safety link on the right. A simplified PDF file of similar material is also available to download by clicking on the left image. 

Just like Golf

July 11, 2009

If you've checked out the Members Forum over the past week, you'll have noticed an entry from Club Secretary Michael who thought it'd be a good idea to escape out onto the water on a Thursday - like golfers do!  So true to his word he was sitting off the pier aboard Jester at the appointed time and was joined by Michael and Moira aboard Bonitos Treasure. As I'd already been out for a couple of hours, I left them sailing in the fine winter conditions.

We hope there's an opportunity for more of these outings.


In a bit of Trouble

July 10, 2009

A couple of Emails from members have been received in the past day or two. One from Des posed a question to one of our Safety Lecture presenters from Tuesday night. "David - How the Bloody Hell do I get off this?!"


And Sharyn has obviously been getting tips on things to look out for since she and Steve purchased Skeo a few weeks back. She writes "They told me not to get the trailer too deep into the water!"

One advantage of having the boat on a full time mooring.

Tips on Safety

July 08, 2009

How to locate someone who may have gone overboard in the dark. This was just one of the tips presented at the special Boat Safety night on Tuesday.

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Winter Comp Race 3

July 05, 2009
Davinci and crew on Sunday - setting themselves up in rough conditions for the third race of the Winter Competition  
Davinci Prep3
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A Trip into the Past

July 04, 2009
A member was recently talking about the great collection of old photos that can be viewed on the City of Kingston Website. So seeing as the weather isn't much good for being out and about this weekend, it seemed like it may be a good opportunity to sit by the fire a browse through them all. Here's a link to the History Page and by entering Mordialloc Creek in the search window you'll be able to check out the shots above and many more. 

Flags Part II

July 02, 2009
Hopefully you'll have had a chance to read the article about Flags that we mentioned last week, published on Powerboat World. Here's a link to Part 2        WhiteEnsign_s.jpg
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