News for August 2009

Eyes around the Bay

August 28, 2009


Our Club offers pretty good Webcam coverage for both members and the public via our Eye in the Sky. Elsewhere around the bay there are also a number of cameras in interesting spots. New links to a camera at Brighton and also at Docklands have been added to the existing addresses on the links page.

Point Lonsdale

Old & New

August 27, 2009
As reported earlier in the week, Andy has been hard at work at the end of each day with the annual maintenance task.  
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Farewell Michael

August 24, 2009

Club members joined a large group of family and friends to celebrate the life of Michael Oakley.
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A Few Days Work

August 23, 2009
  Andy's turn has come around for the annual Scrub-down and Anti-foul. On Saturday it was time to get things under way.
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Jobs to Do

August 16, 2009
With a lot of advanced Weather Warnings out for the weekend it seems that for a number of members there wasn't much else for it but to get stuck into a couple of maintenance tasks. Graeme and David were caught hard at work.
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Trailer Sailer Treasures

August 11, 2009
  Paul has sent in a link to an interesting site. It's a library of Trailer Sailer details and photos complied online by John Crawford Marine in Queensland. I only had a brief look but came across a shot of this Sunmaid  - in our Creek !


** An email from Rowan who says he's found a shot of his boat too. Never know what we'll find! **

Boat & Anglers Club

August 10, 2009

You may remember this shot taken by Gary's son earlier in the year.

Well the Mordi Boating & Angling Club took a shine to it and have asked if they can use it on the top page of their new Web site. The site contains quite a few shots of familiar locations along with other information about the club and it's activities. Really worth a look.


Lights in the Night

August 05, 2009

Flare_Demo 2
 It seems like everyone in attendance had a set of flares somewhere on their boat - and a whole lot of old ones in their possesion as well. But did we really know how to use them?

Peter Donaldson from Pains Wessex soon set us straight with a great lecture and demo on Handheld Marine Flare Safety.

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Out with the Old

August 03, 2009
  Stage one of the engine replacement for Samantha took place late last week. Now it's a matter of some careful planning and a lot of elbow grease to complete the job.

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