News for April 2010

Making the Most Of It

April 28, 2010
Vet Aff


The weather for Anzac Day long weekend finally came good for Monday.

With a number of members out it was a good chance to shoot a short Video Clip

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April 22, 2010

Looks like there may be some action on the long awaited Dredging. By all accounts this Amphibious Surveying Craft will be working in the Creek this week.

Keep and eye out and your phone handy - and if you spot it take a Snap and send it in.

Better at Fishin'

April 19, 2010
Off Pier 35
   Des & Wayne headed off on Jay Jay II to a log-trial Sunday morning up at Williamstown, calling in for fuel at Pier 35. I received a call to take a snap-shot of them on the Web Cam after they'd refueled and were heading off to the event. On checking a few hours later, it seemed that all had not gone that well - with stories of malfunctioning GPS's and the like. In any case the day appears as though it wasn't a complete waste, when this 6Ib flathead was pulled on board just off Edithvale a bit later on.   

From Top to Bottom

April 19, 2010
Saturday's Working Bee made sure that everything around the Island was sorted from Top to Bottom.
Up on Top
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Good News & Bad News

April 16, 2010

Members who keep a close eye on their Email in-boxes will have probably had the opportunity of reading through a couple of Emails from the Club Committee that were sent out this week. One mail outlined some good news and unfortunately the other some bad.

If you missed the mail, then as a member you'll be able to read them and perhaps make a comment in the Member Forum Area.


Freshen Up

April 14, 2010

Have you been down to the clubhouse lately ??

For those that haven’t you should get down and have a look, as the building has been smartened up with a coat of paint throughout.

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From The Weekend

April 12, 2010
Out to dry


A bit of a quiet one around the Island over the weekend. We did miss a 'Photo Opp" though when a certain member finished up in the creek early Saturday. Falling in was simple - but getting out was difficult by all accounts. A quick change of clothes and the wet gear was left to dry - in front of his boat if you want a clue as to who fell in.

Later in the morning John was keen to give his new toy a run in the creek. Seems like one or two other members may have been heading down to the Model Shop as well.


Eat Your Heart Out

April 09, 2010
   Two club vessels made the journey to Queenscliff for the Easter break. Peter fills us in on all the details of their adventure - including the full weekend's menu !   
Boss Lady_QCliff
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Easter Cruising

April 06, 2010

The first of our Easter Cruise stories has been received.

Jenny and Mark aboard Silver Cloud headed North up to Docklands for the break along with some others including a pretty relaxed John.


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