News for December 2011

Moving Marker

December 28, 2011
If you head out to our Buoy No1 for a run over the holdays, you won't have to travel as far a usual. Seems that the restless marker has pulled up anchor and moved yet again. It can now be found about .8 of a mile SE from its dedicated spot and is reasonably visable from the end of the pier.   
No 1

Back to Normal - for Some

December 25, 2011
Back again 1

   A welcome phonecall from mooring officer Peter Banham on Thursday meant that for a number of members, it was time to bring their boat home.


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Not Quite to Plan

December 10, 2011
The first try of the new rails didn't go quite as planned! An old hard to retrieve section of log had been left next to the new rail and appeared to be out of the way. But with the weight of Jay Jay II on the cradle, the new rails must have settled and everything stopped. Friday afternoon things were under way again when the piece was successfully removed.
JJ Stuck

Well Done

December 06, 2011
Slip In 25

   Garry Black has sent in an Open Letter to the Club following the completion of the two slipways over the weekend.
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A Big Thanks

December 04, 2011
Rear Commodore Eric Clark headed up the major job of re-fitting the two slipways. He writes to all members. 
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Roll on Down

December 04, 2011
With construction finally complete, Saturday was the big day when both referbished slipways were layed in place.  
Roll Down
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