News for May 2011

MMYC's once every now and then Wine & Cheese Night was held last Friday evening. Organizer Sharyn was busy with a camera on the night and sent through a few notes too.   
WIne Cheese 1

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Backyard Project

May 26, 2011
Peter the skpper of DaVinci has been known to have more than one boat in the creek at a time. Well it appears as though there's even more, as we find out about his Backyard Project.   
Project 1
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Up in the Air

May 23, 2011
New equipment designed to get boats safely up off the cradle has been installed in the main slipway over the past week.
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Tips for Next Friday

May 21, 2011
With the annual Wine and cheese night only a week away, some  tips on how to enjoy your cheese with a selection of wine and beer have been sent through from our resident guru.    
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A Spin on Quicksilver

May 19, 2011

When Paul gets a chance to go fo a run on Quicksilver he jumps at it.

Here's his story.
QS Sail1

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Farewell Pelican

May 19, 2011
Bye to Pelican
Last Saturday was a day of mixed emotions for John and Mario as they showed the new owner of their old boat Pelican the ropes. After a run up and down the creek a few times it was down with the mast and away she went. We're sure they'll settle into the new boat quickly though.

Pedal Power

May 18, 2011

A few members head out on two wheels every week or so for an adventure.

Here's the latest report from Paul.


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Not sure if it was motivated by the sudden cold snap but crews for Race 3 were able to roll up to the first of the hearty pre-race breakfasts on Sunday before pulling on their wet gear for the event. Mike fills us in.   

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Check those Lines

May 15, 2011
Damage A
   The winter weather has set in and although it hasn't blown all that much, the surge in the creek has been large. You can see just how much damage can be done if a couple of lines break and the boat is left to it's own devices. So make sure you get dwon and check your lines often - even if conditions don't appear to be all that bad.   
Damage B

Paris Canal

May 07, 2011
Paris Canal 11

   A canal on the map across the centre of Paris caught my eye and once I located it I soon came across a two tier lock system dropping the water about eight or nine meters.

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Ministers Report

May 07, 2011
Still, not an ounce of mud has yet been moved, but at least we can now see the objective. We have some written commitments and we have some dates to work with.  This is a huge step forward and one that did not look possible even in the last few weeks.   
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St Katherine Docks

May 04, 2011
Lock 2



Down stream from London's Tower Bridge is a great Marina call St Katherine Docks. With the tides dropping several meters, vessels are kept in deep water behind a lock gate. Then a couple of times a day skippers cram their boats into the lock chamber on their way in or out of the marina.
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