News for August 2011

Bulletin on Dredging

August 31, 2011

An article pointing to trouble with the dredging program was published in the local newpaper this week.

"Dredging around Lamberts Island has stalled for almost a month due to complications with the disposal of 6000 tonnes of mud and slit from the choked-up water way."


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Once in a Lifetime

August 30, 2011
Dolphin 3
  Eric and the crew enjoy a once in a lifetime experience aboard Delta Lady last weekend.
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RBYC Blizzard Series

August 23, 2011
Accepting fault, we cleared out from the fleet and completed a very degrading 720° penalty turn. We were now well and truly the last boat to start.     

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Raft Up

August 22, 2011
       Sunday's weather was glorious. For those with boats in the creek it was an ideal chance to get out on the water and by mid afternoon a number of our vessels had rafted up about a mile offshore. Nice !

Nose Job

August 22, 2011
Nose Job
   As you probably know there are several Gilcraft in the creek of different shapes and sizes. A few months ago one of the non-club vessels came to grief in a big blow, loosing a substantial chunk of bow in the process. On Saturday a fully oufitted Peter was seen putting the finishing touches to the new nose which has gone back on over the past week.

Still Competing

August 14, 2011
With no MMYC Sailing Competition at the moment, a few have headed off to other clubs to compete.    
Sandy 4

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Pole to Pole

August 14, 2011
New PolesA
   While moving mud seems to have stalled for the moment, a meeting of interested parties was held last Thursday to discuss the replacement of mooring poles around the Island. Garry reported that all went well and a document has been put together as a guide for the upcoming works.
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