News for September 2011

Getting Set

September 30, 2011

With work due to start on the main Slipway rails, materials for the job arrived over on the Nth side of the creek on Friday in preparation. Rails and poles were trucked in and off-loaded. They'll soon be barged across to the Island, were the hard work will begin. Working Bees have been schedules for the work in the next few weeks.   

Prop Trouble

September 27, 2011
Drop Prop 2
   For Garry, Saturday presented him with an unwelcome task. A rope had fouled the prop which had then somehow fallen off. Once out of the water it was clear that the power of a big engine and a strong rope were enough to strip the nut, allowing the prop to fall. Sunday morning the prop was recovered from the mud in the mooring and things soon put back together.   
Drop Prop 1

Awards Day 2011

September 26, 2011
SC Winners
      They were up on stage more than they were off. The skipper and crew of Silver Cloud once again take out the major awards in last year's competition.

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Fun aboard Joint Venture

September 20, 2011
Regular crew from one of our club boats are racing aboard a Brighton based vessel "Joint Venture". Sam Holter has sent in a report of their activities.
JV Deck

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Progress at Last

September 19, 2011
Peter A 1

   As an active member of the Mordi Creek Community action group, Peter Allnutt must be pleased to finally see steady progress on the work.
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A Run up to Brighton

September 18, 2011
Having called of the race for the day there was only enough time for a photo before Jay Jay II turned and headed back in the rough conditions.    
Brighton Group

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It's Just Not the Same

September 16, 2011
With many members now well into our Boating Drought, the tales of woe are circulating. Some have decided to write it all down - while others have come up with alternative ways to get out on the water.  
MD at Lakes
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September 10, 2011
   Members arriving at the Club on Friday afternoon discovered that our recently purchased TV in the Sutton Lounge was missing.
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Fees Included

September 08, 2011
Club Yachting Director Mike Montgomery outlines the reason why Crew  members saw an increase in Club fees recently.    
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Ken made a Life Member

September 07, 2011
   As part of this years AGM, Commodore Des Fullarton welcomed a new Life Time member to the club - Ken Russell. A member for around forty years Ken spoke to the meeting about his busy club life.
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Heavy Wind Sailing

September 06, 2011
A wild ride aboard Delta Lady for Hot Stuff's Mario on the weekend -"I somehow lost my footing at the same time as the bow was nose diving into the oncoming wave which hit me and threw me forward."       

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One Man Working Bee

September 05, 2011
When Don goes down to the Club on weekends, he normally grabs a bucket & cloth and shines up some windows. Last weekend he turned into a one man working bee by grabbing the mower and getting stuck into the long grass that's sprung up over the past couple of weeks. Thanks Don.