News for April 2012

The Need for Speed

April 26, 2012
Hans decided that he'd had enough. For too long he'd put up with high noise levels and a lot of cavitating. It was time for a new prop.

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Cost Involved

April 24, 2012

Pick up your FOB for the gate?

Then make sure you don't loose it. If you do then it'll cost you $50 for a replacment one.

Geelong_ Wooden_1
Just over a month ago the annual Wooden Boat Festival was held in Geelong. Matthew Anderson attended the show and has sent in this report.
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Only One Way In!

April 18, 2012


Picked up your FOB yet?

Because if you haven't you'll be left on the cold side of the gate. As of Wednesday, only those members holding the new electronic key will be able to gain access to the Island. So if you don't have yours yet, get in touch with Des or Paul ASAP.


Whalley Cup 2012

April 18, 2012
Cup Winner
   Winner of the 2012 Whalley Cup Col Elliot and has grand-daughter from BMYC recieve the prize from Commodore Des.

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Exciting Day of Action

April 17, 2012
An exciting day on a big boat out of RYVC for the Holter boys.     
Kooka 4

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Easter Aboard Boss Lady

April 12, 2012
Geelong 5

   Looks like many members had a great Easter break. Here's the tale of another adventure, this time by Peter Banham.
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Security Breach

April 12, 2012
Our new gate locking system was no match for the Easter Bunny, as Sienna & Tessa found out aboard Dreamweaver on Easter Sunday     

Easter Cruise - take 2

April 11, 2012
Easter 5
   Skipper of Hot Stuff John has sent in some photos from the Easter Cruise to Queenscliff along with a message to all those who stayed at home.
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Great Easter Cruise

April 10, 2012

A group of club boats headed off for an Easter cruise to Queenscliff.

Eric fills us in on the details with a pile of shots from Jenny as well.

Ice Cream at Sorrento

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Remember Boumbah?

April 05, 2012


Remember Boumbah from along the Pub wall?

Next time you see her you may have to look twice to recognize her !


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