Exciting Day of Action

April 17, 2012

I thought I might gloat about what my Dad and I got up to on Saturday.

After a few phone calls earlier in the week from some friends at RYCV, Dad and I had an invite to do a combined trophy race on board Kookaburra KA11. After a crew briefing and taking onboard a bit of deisel (120 lt) at midda,y we head out for two winward/leeward corses. After passing half the fleet to leeward we rounded the first mark in the lead and no other boat caught us all day. It amazed me that a 26 ton, 1982 boat was able to generate 8.5kts to windward in 12-15kts of wind !  Alright, the boat is 67ft long though.

After a great start on the second race we commanded the lead for 3.5 laps even after a few slip-ups including losing a gybe sheet during a tack, sending the deck-hand up the 85ft mast to retrieve a lost halyard and a pair of exhausted starboard grinders on board.( I dont think I have ever drunk so much water during a bay race).

Overall, the day was the most pyhsical sail I think I have ever encountered, yet the most exciting!

Kooka 1
Kooka 2
Kooka 4

— David Holter