News for June 2012

Award Winner

June 24, 2012
Des came away from the Yachting Victoria Awards night on Friday pretty pleased with himself. Having ben offered an invite with no real details of why, on the night he received a 2nd place Award for Log Trials in Vic over the past 12 months. Congratulations to the whole Jay Jay II crew !   

Creek Works - Phase 2

June 16, 2012
Crane Phase 2

   Work on the second stage of the Mordi Creek works is in full swing with the arrival of heavy equipment in the past few days.
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Final Safety Seminar

June 15, 2012
   Members of the Victoria Water Police and one of their vessels attended the final Safety Seminar conducted on Tuesday evening.
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Surrounded by Dolphins

June 11, 2012
Crews aboard Samantha & Nina headed up to Sandi on Monday. Things started out foggy but cleared up after lunch. On the way back past Rickett's Point the water was suddenly alive. Both boats plus a lucky swimmer were surrounded by Dolphins.   

Mystery Visitors

June 06, 2012



An unusual sight last Saturday when 3 divers were spotted in the channel along Doyle's wall. Questions from the Island towards them seem to fall on deaf ears. All that could be heard in response was the divers chatting amongst themselves in a European language !!

Power Time

June 02, 2012
Power 1


It's finally happened !

Work to install power boxes for boats along the south wall commennced on Saturday. It'll take a few more days yet - but Garry was set & ready to hook up.

Power 2

High n Dry

June 01, 2012
Hi n Dry


This shot just landed in the in-tray.

Club BBQ chef was believed to have commented " looks like a great spot to park a yacht" !

 (Yes it is quiet story-wise at the moment !!)